Juriaan Blok Art

Artist’s Statement

I still remember the first time I seriously tried to draw at about age 10.  A kid in my class drew an elaborate underwater scene complete with a scuba diver.  I tried to draw my own version and found out it was harder than it looked.  What I noticed about the kid was that he drew every chance he got.  So I began practicing with any medium I could get my hands on, and I’ve been practicing ever since.


I am a life-long sailor and all aspects of the marine environment, including my love of watercraft, inform my early work.  In 2008 I moved to the North Coast and now live on the edge of Jackson State Forest.  My new land-based environment, especially the trees, inspires me!


My primary interests lie in aqueous media, especially India ink.  Experimenting with traditional media on non-traditional surfaces, using new application techniques and drawing into the negative space has provided me with new ways to express my love of life on the beautiful North Coast.


About the Artist

Artist Juriaan Blok grew up in the Netherlands and Indonesia before immigrating to the U.S. as a teenager.  Mostly self-taught, he credits college teachers Eunice Prieto and Robert Rhoades as having inspired him to work in many mediums and continue the learning process. His years in the USCG and his current interest in conservation are evident in the wide range of work he has produced.

Currently Exhibiting With:


Wild Fish Restaurant: www.wild-fish.com

Mendocino Ecological Artists: www.mendocinoecoartists.org and it’s Partners:

Salmon Restoration Association: www.salmonrestoration.com

Mendocino Area Parks Association: www.mendoparks.org

Mendocino Land Trust: www.mendocinolandtrust.org

Redwood Forest Foundation, Inc.: www.rffi.org


2014 Exhibition Schedule

Jan 1 – Present          Leap of Faith                             Wild Fish Restaurant                                                                www.wild-fish.com


Feb 1 – June 30      Save the Smith Ranch Barns            Little River Inn



Jun 9 – Sep 1          Exhibition Benefiting                     The Stanford Inn

                             Redwood Forest Foundation           www.stanfordinn.com

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